Northeastern Oregon

By: Colby Perry

Sep 06 2010

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I’m coming back from taking a road trip for the first time in a few years today, and what better what to show it with some photography, right? I’ve been to places on this trip that I haven’t been to before, including Northeastern Oregon. The route had me go through Northeastern Oregon to Boise, out to Yellowstone then up back to Seattle.

The photo below sums up my feels of Northeastern Oregon, you may not agree.


9 comments on “Northeastern Oregon”

  1. You should have come through Walla Walla in Southeastern WA. It’s pretty scenic around here:-)

  2. There’s always next time! I hadn’t been through Tri-Cities before, and when I realized I wasn’t going to go through Walla Walla, I said to myself “Next time!” At this rate, I will probably do this trip again within a year.

  3. Fall is pretty nice around here and Spring is even better. Mid Summer not so much usually but with the wet Spring we had, the Blue Mountains stayed greener longer with snow in the tips staying for a time.
    If you are a wine drinker you would love it around here:)

    • I’ll confess, I haven’t had a glass of wine in several years, but I could give it a whirl (I’m a beer guy). I noticed all those vineyards while I was driving. If we don’t have an early winter this year, I may go over in late September, early October.

  4. I’m basically a beer gal myself but fell in love with photographing the vineyards with the Blue Mts. in the background.
    Track down Hood Road if you come over and check it out.

  5. Thank you for your kind comment but mainly was trying to point out the WW Valley is a pretty scenic area.
    It helps to know the place and am fortunate to live here.
    Thanks again:)

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