Craters of the Moon

While I was plotting out my trip to Yellowstone, I knew I wanted to go through Boise, which would lead me through Northeastern Oregon, which ultimately lead me past a place called Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve.

Long story short, it basically looks like the moon, but is far from it. When you are driving from the highway, you see nothing but black, as you get closer, it just gets darker and darker. Upon entering the park, you learn that it’s a lava rock bed. Under the ground were active volcanoes at one point in time, which caused the rock bed. You get the explore the area with trials and caves you are able to explore. Over time, the park has had to pave trails since people would just walk where-ever and slowly destroy the park. There are photos at the Splatter Cones that document the slow decay of them due to people walking directly onto them.

Below is a photo from Indian Cave. They provide a ladder that gets you down into the cave, but then you are left to your own accord to maneuver around it. Once in the dark, the temperate drops at least 15 degrees and gives you a feeling of isolation.

You can view all of my photos from my road trip here: Road Trip 2010.

Please enjoy.

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