Downtown Bellevue

On Sunday a friend and I went around downtown Bellevue to do some HDR photography. He has dabbled in it in the past, and wanted to see how I do it. I showed him how I go about setting up a shot, my configurations, etc.

Down below is a shot of the Westin building and Lincoln Square. The clouds were just right to cover up the sun in the afternoon. It’s a 3-shot HDR in Photomatix and then touched-up in Viveza 2.

Also here is a shot of some apartments next to Puget Sound Energy’s headquarters. The clouds were starting to break up, so one side you can see that, while the other side is still solid. This is also 3-shot HDR in Photomatix and then touched-up in Viveza 2.

The entire set can be found here.


4 comments on “Downtown Bellevue”

  1. Keep taking photos in Downtown Bellevue, these are great!

  2. Thank you Michael! I hadn’t been in downtown Bellevue for a few years, and it looks like most of the construction finally completed and was a blast to photograph.

  3. The sky in the Westin Building and Lincoln Square shot is so amazing! You definitely have an artistic eye and great technical ability to capture that shot. All of your work is outstanding!

  4. Beautiful shot of the sky around our building, keep taking great photos of Bellevue, they are quite inspiring!

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