Antique Importers of Seattle

On my Monday stroll through Pioneer Square I already showed you my No Parking and I’ve got something slightly different now.  As I was walking along Alaska Way, the sun was setting and I couldn’t visualize anything since the sun is way south of downtown Seattle now in the evening.  I knew I wanted to try to get a shot with the Alaska Way Viaduct and I kept on thinking of wanting to get something with it directly in it.  After I admitted defeat on that goal, I turned around and this slapped me right in my face!  Alaska Way faces the viaduct and the waterfront is right there as well, so the viaduct obstructs the evening sun which this exactly did.

5D Mark II | 17mm | F/9.1 | ISO 100 | 3 shots

This was the first of a couple HDR images I processed that night using Photomatix 4 for the first time.  Once I had the way I wanted in Photomatix, I then used Viveza 2 to had a little more color to the sky, the bottom corner of the sky is the original color and it just didn’t do it for me.



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