Elliot Bay Marina

I know I haven’t posted anything in sometime, that’s my fault.  I haven’t processed any HDR images since October so I figured yesterday I would go out and find a location to take some shots.  Over the past few days we’ve had long breaks in the clouds but you could see a front moving in, the perfect opportunity for HDR I think.  Not knowing where I would go, one place I did end up going to was Elliot Bay Marina and found a little outlet that looks out into the Puget Sound.  With the clouds moving in, it presented itself what I needed.

5D Mark II | 23mm | F/8.0 | ISO 200 | 3 shots



7 comments on “Elliot Bay Marina”

  1. This is super cool. Love the details in the clouds and Puget Sound.

    Great work.

    • Thank you Paul. I knew when I saw it I wanted to capture the texture of the clouds more than anything as they do tell the story. I feel like I could of done more, but I think I would of compromised it.

  2. […] last Monday I ran across Elliot Bay Marina, but what I really wanted to finally get to, Elliot Bay Park.  I’ve visited the park several […]

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