Joyus Age Is Docked

This last Monday I ran across Elliot Bay Marina, but what I really wanted to finally get to, Elliot Bay Park.  I’ve visited the park several times before, but I always park at the Taco Time across the street and trek over the Helix Bridge to get there, and always thought that there would be a better way to get there.  Lo and behold, I did find the way to get there, but I won’t tell you because I had to find it myself 😉  Upon getting to the water, I found a cargo ship was docked, something I hadn’t ever seen before at this specific terminal, as there is a grain elevator at this terminal.

You can find out more info about the ship here.

Huge thanks goes out to Pat O’ Brien, I ran this image as well as a black & white version by him, we discussed both of them.  If people are interested, I can post the black & white image.


5D Mark II | 150mm | F/9.1 | ISO 200 | 3 shots

2 comments on “Joyus Age Is Docked”

  1. Absolutely amazing photography and photoshop skills! True artism!

  2. Nice!

    I’m just surprised it’s floating with all that rust.

    And I know where it is 😉

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