Warrior Dash 2011 – Western Washington Edition

This last weekend Warrior Dash came to Washington State for the first time. For those who don’t know what Warrior Dash is, it’s a 5k fun run (~3.5 miles) obstacle course. The event brings out the best in its runners, from their attitudes to their dressing. Once completed you’re treated to a free beer and a turkey leg if you wish (it was a brine-y leg too).

I tagged along with some friends who ran. While they traversed the course, I stood back and soaked in the event from behind the camera. The final three obstacles were a cargo net shaped in an A, two piles of fire (powered by Duraflame) and then a mud pit with barbed wired over it. I was able to secure a spot in front of the fire pits and cargo nets to deliver these photos. At the entrance/exit of the grounds were a donation pile of used shoes from the event as the organizers put clean them and donate them to third-world countries.

Side Note: About half way through shooting, I realized I was saving to JPEG instead of RAW. Upon finding that out, I switched over to RAW. From the start of the day, I had set my white balance to Day Light which seemed to do the trick (since JPEG is already processed and I had specified what white balance to use..it possibly saved some of these). I tend to go to Auto White Balance whenever I shoot and correct it in post, but I’ve been growing more conscience to do it in the camera whenever possible.

Below are some of my favorite photos from the day. You can find the rest of them on my flickr.

Kilt Fire Jumper
Fire Jumpers
Mud Pitters
Before & After Friends

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