Somewhere In Nevada

Earlier this month I took a quick road trip down to Las Vegas.  Somewhere in Nevada’s vast stretches of highway I found this gem of a town.  Its evident that was a gas station, a motel, some housing and a church of some sort.  Now, no one lives there.  It looks like a fire gutted at least one or two buildings and everyone else left the town.  I have no idea where this is at this point, I wish I had an easy way to track locations and photos taken.


6 comments on “Somewhere In Nevada”

  1. Super nice Colby.

    That’s the beauty of the desert Southwest: the remains of history past.

  2. Your camera probabally has EXIF data. This might include GPS coordinates so that you could G map that location and find out the history.

    • My camera does have EXIF data (all digital cameras, including phones do now-a-days), but it does not have a GPS receiver in it. Canon offers a GPS receiver in the form of a battery grip but costs too much (upwards of $800) and there are some 3rd party hacks that I may look into instead.

      Nikon’s 1st party solution is real slick, it just mounts onto the hot-shoe and plugs into the USB port and comprehends NEMA while Canon’s doesn’t.

  3. He would have to buy an accessory for that function to work properly. A simpler method it to keep a log of your shots and write down any identifiable information you find. Such as what road it is on, what major landmarks, etc.

    Another cool tool if you have a smartphone is to download BackCountry Navigator Pro. You can download maps and information, use it to mark you location for later reference, it gives you Long & Lat. down to the 1.10th of a sec.

    Just a thought.

    • Thanks for the tip Paul, I’ll look into it. I’ve been curious about making my own GPS receiver that works like the Nikon unit, but on the Canon. Canon’s SDK is free and appears to have GPS API calls.

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