Above the LIVE

About once a month I’ll volunteer a day to do chat support at creativeLIVE.  We sit above and to the side of the live set so we can look down and see the action, as well as our own displays.  If you’ve ever tuned in during breaks, we’re right next that camera.

This was the final day of Lindsay Adler’s Fashion Flair course which was a blast because the final day was strictly the students vision and creation for a fashion flair shoot.  You can see Ian in the background paying strict attention to the feed while Stephen is looking at the action in real time.


One comment on “Above the LIVE”

  1. Nice! “Above the LIVE” chat hosts like you Colby make my job as “In the LIVE” host soooooo much easier! Thank you for all you and the other volunteers like Ian and Stephen do!

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